The Story Of My First Born Angel



(3 days old)

Does your first child seem the most special?
At this time in my life, YES!

Delivered by c-sect in the morning
We didn't know ahead of time if it was a boy or girl

Oh how I wanted a girl
I didn't come get my senses
until late afternoon
But all the pain from surgery
went away once I held her
God had truly blessed me
with a perfect, precious little girl
You think you know might have known TRUE LOVE
throughout your life...
You do once you hold your first child

So, off we go to continue with life
But as a MOM

Kristin was a wonderful child
Never sick, never clingy
So much fun at all the new things babies slowly learn

I was able to be a stay at home mom
her first couple of years
That is important, you don't miss a thing
Her first day of school, I cried and cried
I was working then
she looked so small and innocent
having to leave her with a teacher that
I didn't know in that big classroom

Honor student all the way
Every year I went to her end of year program
She ALWAYS got several certificates
Highest average, highest scores, honor roll
I still have them all
She was a cheerleader for 5 years
She saved everything
I still have all her trophies

I was divorced from Kristin's dad, Danny, when she was 4.
I remarried the next year to her step dad Todd.
We had been married for 10 years at the time of Kristin's accident.
I also had two more children, Ashley and Jake,
with my husband Todd. Three precious kids that I have.
All with separate personalities. Kristin went with me when I had my sonogram
to find out the sex of Jake. She thought I was crazy because I got so
emotional when they said "its a boy".
I wanted a boy so bad after 2 wonderful girls.

Before you know it.. high school
Endless phone calls, BOYS, prom,
learners license, first dates, first heartbreaks

We were always mother and child
with an unbreakable bond
But as she matured, we became close friends too
Talked about EVERYTHING
Boys, school, prom, graduation, gossip, college, advise

Kristin was a typical teenager, with a special halo
Never in trouble, always helping with chores
Never past her curfew, she called me to
always let me know where she was
She would just call me to chit chat when
she was at her dad's house

Exceeding in school as usual
Kristin joined many clubs at school
She would stay afterwards to help with projects
Decorate for prom,
A great help with her two younger siblings

She had more friends than you could imagine
the biggest smile you ever seen
It would light up a room and your day

A junior in school
3rd year on the color guard for the school band
She was now a beautiful young woman
with her entire life ahead of her
We were starting to discuss college
Looking at prom dresses for her first junior prom
at her school. She had went to prom the year before while
she was in the 10th grade to another school with
her boyfriend at the time, Michael. He has since married and named
his first born baby girl after Kristin.

My life was helping her plan and live her life

And then that day ...