Get to know Kristin


Walk This Way

Gosh, where do I start

16 years, 6 months, and 26 days
I had the honor of being her Momma on Earth

And...I still am
That is a gift
that no one can ever take from me

From toddler to teenager
Kristin never met a stranger
Friends with anyone that would be her friend
Loving!! She was the most loving child
Full of kisses and hugs for all
I cant remember a time that I didn't see
Kristin not only smiling and greeting someone
but would also hug them
Even if she had just seen the 2 hours previous

Kristin was 7 years old when
I had my next daughter Ashley
I use to pick at her about
how she would have loved
to be the only child so
all the attention would be on her
and she agreed, of course
But she loved her lil' sister Ashley
    She couldn't wait until she could change diapers
I didn't mind at all
Then the stage of "Get out of my room"
soon followed
Ashley wanted to be just like her
Dress like her, Hang out with her

Then, lil' brother Jake came along
6 years after Ashley
Yes, I spaced them apart good
And a baby brother she got
100% boy all the way
Now it was "Momma, Get him out of my room!"
Kristin was such a big help
She could now do chores,
baby sit and before long, run errands
WOW, how time flies

When Kristin hit high school
It was a whirlwind...
Endless phone calls
So many friends to keep up with
A hand full of boyfriends
Her grades were still good
Not honor roll as in grades 1-8
But she still was in the reach program
She was tested for the gifted in grade 5
    She continued in the program on into high school

She joined the color guard (flag team)
with her school band in 9th grade
She was so proud she made the cut
One of the best they had I might add
I went to every game possible
to watch her perform
Parades and competitions too
She loved the flag team
She continued on for her 3rd year

She was voted into the
Youth Leadership program in grade 11
Not sure if she realized what an honor
But I sure did
            She had taken her first part of graduation test in 2004
The writing exam
             I had not seen her excited about a grade in a long time
              She was in tears when she came home with her results
She scored a 582
Percentile rank of 97
WOW, I am so proud of her

Every child goes thru a collector phase
She is a butterfly freak!
She also likes monkeys but
Butterflies is her main obsession
Her entire room is covered with them
the walls, the ceiling, collectibles
not to mention endless t-shirts
Her car had butterfly seat covers
steering wheel cover, floor mats
cd visor holder, air fresheners
Front tag and decaled back windshield
Everyone knew of her love for butterflies
I believe every flower at her
services had butterflies in them

Kristin wasn't one to want to
stay on the go
She would rather be home talking
on the phone or on the computer

Kristin's favorite color is light green.
Her favorite candy is jolly ranchers.
Her favorite movies are moulin rouge and la bamba.
Her favorite car is a Ford Mustang.
Other than butterflies, she loves monkeys.
She loved her blue jeans and t-shirts,
nothing dressy (just like mom).
She loves silver jewelry, not gold.
She would rather sleep than shop.
She got her belly buttoned pierced
for her 16th birthday and passed out.(funny)
She NEVER stayed out of school
for any reason, even when she was sick.

I could talk forever about her
But I will conclude with her SMILE
You never seen her without one
As you look thru her pics
Look at that beautiful smile
All the friends that have
came to me with stories ALWAYS
talk about her brilliant smile

Keep on Smilin' Baby

Below is a peek into Kristin's bedroom